Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Residents

I've been trying to promote the blog a bit more lately. Originally I was just writing it and if people found it, great. However I had expected that more people would have found it by now. While posting on Google+ (Yes, it still exists!), someone asked "Is that meant to be The Residents?",  "No",  I replied, "and you're not the first person to ask me that, another reason for the removal". When I got the tattoo, I was probably aware of The Residents. I'm not a fan and in no way would I intentionally get band artwork tattooed on my forearm, but I know that others would. I was tempted to get a Neubauten logo, but when I wore my Neubauten t-shirt, people thought it was to match this tatttoo.

If you don't know the Residents, here's a link, I don't want to post the image in case of copy-write etc. I understand why I get asked that question a lot. I'm not against getting band art work tattooed, some bands have very cool art work, just not for me. It always frustrates me a little, that people have thought I'm a massive fan of a band I actually don't really like. Again, consider your tattoos carefully before they're permanent.

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