Sunday, 23 October 2016


On Thursday morning, my son hit me square in the eye with one finger. It was (and still is) very painful. I wonder if that's how my tattoo feels when it gets lasered. Healing is going well, no more pain. I've started putting on bio oil instead of aloe vera. No idea if it works. It doesn't seem to hurt anyway so I'll keep going.

Picosure tattoo removal healing time
23 Oct 2016
I'm beginning to think I should stop taking pictures, I think it looks more faded than that in real life. One of the things that I've really noticed is how parts of the eye are invisible, then I post this photo where it is quite visible. I have been rubbing oil on it which may be making it look darker. I also noticed I have a spot on the cornea of the eye, I can't see that in real life. I know it's there, now, but didn't before I took the photo. I'll have to go back to the drawing board on how to take photos of this. I thought  I had a good, consistent spot, but it's make it look darker than it really is.
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