Saturday, 29 October 2016


Ah Hallowe'en, how I used to enjoy you. I've spent the last week tired, sick, minding a sick baby, tired and currently working. By Hallowe'en I'll be too tired to even want to have fun. The joys of adulthood. This whole working weekends thing isn't great. On the upside, it's not busy yet and I'm still getting paid. The downside is, I feel I can't leave this spot in case I miss something.

I think this week I've seen quite a bit of progress in the fading. It's only been two weeks since my last session but I think progress is being made. I'm again feeling relatively positive about the whole process, though it's still slow, painful, costly and annoying in general. Choose your tattoos carefully kids.

Tattoo fading q-swtiched picosure laser removal healing
29 Oct 2016

I think that's the closest to accurate colour I've taken in the last few months. I used daylight instead of a lamp. I don't think my iPhone can quite white balance the lamp I've been using. However it's not yet quite worth setting up a full studio rig for pictures. I'd probably at least want some sponsorship of the blog first.

The tattoo is still quite noticeable, to say otherwise would be... disingenuous. But it is fading and the darker ink is thinning. The waste and legs area is starting to thin more. I'm really noticing it on the left leg. There is still the very dark patch on the torso which makes the whole thing look darker but that's a little less obvious in real life. Parts of it are getting very see through and I've seen a few, very small, patches of what I believe to be skin colour coming through.

Tattoo removal is slow. This process takes patience. I'm actually quite happy with how faded it is, anyone considering removal is probably thinking that it's not working. It really is, old photos are the key. It was so much darker than this when I started (almost 10 months ago) that I'm happy with how it's progressing. However as I've  already typed, I thought it would take a couple of months until it was gone.

I still have about 3 months until my next session. Last time I took a break of that long was where I really noticed it changing. Hopefully by January I'll be able to get a decent photo where we can really see some progress.
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