Friday, 21 October 2016

Heal the world

Healing Time With Picosure Tattoo Removal

My arm has totally healed now.  I have what I can't tell if is a blister or pimple on the tattoos face, it is a teenager after all.  I kept applying aloe vera for a week, just in case it needed longer healing. It felt hot for almost a week. It wasn't at all painful, just felt a bit warm. It's cold here now so it could have been my body heat, I thought it better safe than sorry.

I've started applying bio-oil now. I honestly don't know if it's worth doing or not. The technician was quite insistent that I should, I'm just not sure if it's really the wonder product he makes out. Some people online say it works wonders for scars and skin conditions, some say it doesn't do anything. I'll post my review of it here when the tattoo is gone.

 I do think I'm seeing some fading now, however I'm likely seeing fading related to the previous 5 sessions, not the latest one. Tattoos always fade, it's the immune system trying to remove them. The laser breaks down the ink so the immune system can deal with it faster. In my mind, the fading from the previous session stops right at the next. Of course that isn't how it works. From what I was told, even one session will make a big difference, it will just take longer. I still don't think I've had a break through fade moment. It still isn't obvious that it's being removed, unless you look closely.

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