Friday, 14 October 2016

12 hours after number 2 (I said number 2)

Picosure Healing Time

Still a little swollen and red, the tattoo that is. The swelling has gone way down but is still noticeable. Still better than the day after any q-switched session. My arm is a little sensitive and I'm trying to be cautious of it but it's not bad. If this is as bad as my Picosure experience will get, I'd gladly go the same intensity again, if it will remove the tattoo faster.

Tattoo removal healing time picosure laser
14 Oct 2016

You can see some of the redness in the photo, I didn't have any of that last time. Most of the spot bleeding has gone. No blistering yet. I didn't do anything to cool it this time, perhaps that was a mistake. Still adding aloe vera. I came into work today sans-aloe, hopefully I don't regret that. The Photo is taken around 12 hours after the session, I think a little less. I'm hopeful / confident the swelling will be gone by Monday at latest.
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