Thursday, 13 October 2016

Session 6, Picosure 2: Q-switched's revenge

Second Picosure Laser Session

Sixth Tattoo Removal Session

Four Q-switched Sessions

Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow oooowwwwwwww ooooOOOOOOUUUUUUCHHHHHHHH. Just back from the session. This one hurt. He asked how the healing was last time, I said good. He asked about the pain, I said little. He then said he was going to up the laser intensity today, he must have read last night's post! The first shot really hurt and it continued to do so. I'm ok with that, I really don't mind. It was just such a shock compared to the last session. It really reminded me of my previous experience with q-switched.

He said to come back in January, that's close to 3 months. It's longer than I'd like but the time will ensure it heals and hopefully fade more. He said that the higher intensity of this session should make a big difference but I'd need the extra time to heal. I am happy about this but with 4 sessions left, at this rate it'll be a year before the tattoo is gone. That will be about 2 years of sessions.

Picosure laser tattoo removal healing time
13 Oct 2016
The photo looks out of focus, it isn't, that's the swelling. I think it's more swollen that it was after the last session. Though the last one was swollen, it just healed very quickly. There's some spot bleeding this time. I can't remember if I got that with q-switched at all. It's not bad but I can see blood at the hat and a little at the foot.  I've been applying a lot of aloe vera.

Looking at it now, my arm not the photo, I actually think the swelling is receding. I'll upload a photo tomorrow. Emotional state is good right now. I'm feeling positive that this will be the session that changes it all and makes a difference. Likely I'm setting myself up for a fall, again. Still have to stay positive. 3 months of waiting will be tough, if I can see some notable progress it will really help. The problem is I'll then be keen for the next session.
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