Monday, 17 October 2016

Disco Inferno

It's still a little red, only slightly. No bruising at all. I like Picosure. I've been putting a lot of aloe vera on. The after care instructions say to apply every 4 hours for 48 hours, I've been doing a lot more. I figure:
  • I can't apply it when I'm sleeping
  • More is presumably good
I could still feel some heat from the tattoo yesterday so thought I'd keep going with the aloe. The fact it's a little red makes me think I should wait before moving to bio oil. The technician really implied I should keep going with the bio oil, I'm thinking I should continually apply it, not just for a couple of weeks. Apparently it does wonders to help with scarring. He said I should use it over any other product. He gave me a free bottle last time, I don't see why he'd promote unless he believes it.

I already think I'm seeing some fading. It's hard to know if I'm imagining that. It hasn't healed quite as quickly as I'd hoped but with q-switched, I had bruising for a few days. This is just a little red with some very slight swelling. I honestly wouldn't notice it.

Four days after second picosure session
17 Oct 2016
That was taken around 7.30am this morning. Not bad considering it was shot with a high intensity laser 4 days earlier.
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