Sunday, 25 March 2018

Waiting For The Miracle

Not much to update. My arm has totally healed, it took time, at least 3 weeks. The fading progress has been good. This was, I think, the session which had the single biggest impact on the tattoo. I'm disappointed that I told my niece last year that I expected about another year before it is gone. Not disappointed because I lied (well, technically was incorrect), disappointed that it's taking so long. It is progressing though.

I thought today was a good time to post. It's roughly half way between sessions. It will continue to fade between now and next month. I'd like to believe that if I get 2 or 3 more sessions like the last one, it really will be gone by the end of it. It's beginning to seem impossible to me that it will ever be gone. Despite the increasing body of evidence to the contrary.

25 March 2018
This was taken just now, not quite my usual spot but same side of my house / similar lighting. Some parts have gotten so much lighter, even since before my last session. Still some dark areas but again, they're considerably lighter than they were. I have given up believing that I'll see a big break in the darker areas. They will always be the darker areas. I'm now just hopeful that in 3 - 6 months, they'll be the only visible areas. My worry is that we're now coming into what we in Ireland call summer. There is always a chance of sunny days / things that could lead to scaring or add delays to session time. The waiting time between the sessions is good, it adds to fading, but my increasing lack of patience means I just want more lasers. As the saying goes mo' laser, less tat'.

My newest dilemma, probably the biggest in my life (I wish that were close to true) is my blog layout. I initially thought I'd need a total of 6 sessions and could chart my progress in the pretty blue bar along the top. However That bar is getting tight. I may have to start consolidating my existing sessions, like so many noughties ads recommended we do with existing debt. I hope I don't cause a financial crash.*

*I'm not an economist
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