Sunday, 21 August 2016

Three Days

Not much to report. The tattoo is still slightly raised of my skin. You can't really tell by looking at it but it feels raised to the touch. I've stopped applying aloe vera and am now trying bio oil. Previously I'd been using E45 cream, which I quite liked, I hope bio oil is as effective.

While I'm thinking about it, you should follow after care instructions. On my first session, I did not. About a week after the session, the tattoo got incredibly itchy. It was horrible. I knew I couldn't scratch it so I'd do whatever I could to relieve it. I actually don't remember it well, just that it was very irritating. At this stage, I bought E45 cream and had been using that for every subsequent session. That was definitely working. I hope bio oil is as effective.

This picture was taken tonight. I think it's 72 hours and 10 minutes after the first one (from 18th Aug). My arm looks a lot better. No fading I can see yet, but that normally takes a couple of weeks.

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