Thursday, 4 August 2016

First post

I'm posting this a little late... 7 months after my first laser session and 3 months after my fifth. I decided to start this blog as I couldn't quite find the information I wanted online, I thought I'd document my own experience with laser tattoo removal.

I will post some photos in due course. Sadly, I didn't take one from immediately before my first session but I'm sure I have some around. I do have photos from the night before each session after that.

Some details about my tattoo:

  • On my right forearm
  • Black ink (though composition can vary)
  • Professionally done
  • 12 years old on my first session
Aw, 12 years old. Almost a teenager (wow I'm old!!!). However unlike most teenagers, I'm hoping this one will be nearly invisible by the time it comes of age. Disclaimer: I do not encourage readers to shoot all 12 year olds with a laser, just tattoos.

Some advice I will give anyone thinking about getting their tattoo removed is to carefully research it, There are a lot of different lasers and not all are equal. The ones I know about are:

  • Q-switched (passive)
  • Q-switched (active)
  • Picosure
What I recently learned is that a Q-switched (passive) will never fully remove a tattoo. These are the ones you will typically find in tattoo shops. If you only want to get a cover up, these are fine, the will fade the tattoo. If you're looking for full removal, look for Q-switched (active) or picosure. These are far more expensive, larger machines and will typically only be found in specialist clinics and dermatologists.

Picosure is new(-ish) and apparently the best. I will have my first session with a Picosecond laser on Aug 13. I'll review it afterward.

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