Sunday, 14 August 2016

Second Session

Second Q-Switched Laser Session

The second session was on 17 February. Honestly, I don't remember much from this. I went in with an idea of what to expect. I remember thinking that it hurt less than the first one, I assumed that was because I knew how it goes. The technician told me that most people find the second worse.

I was a bit smarter this time, I took the afternoon off work. I think I drove in too, so I could get home faster. I got home, soaked a tea towel in cold water and put it over the tattoo. That seemed to help a lot but was short lived. I tried putting some ice on top of the towel at the tattoo but I couldn't hold it there. Then my wife suggested a wine bottle cooler. I don't know what these are really called. I doubt anyone does, even the person that invented it. One of those things that you keep in the freezer and put around an open bottle of white wine to keep it cool, those things. It worked really well, that became my post session ritual. Wet tea towel over tattoo, wine cooler thing on top of it. Using this method, I had less swelling and no blistering.*

This is the same picture as an earlier post, I had the date wrong. This is taken on the night of this session. It is swollen and red but what do you expect? I was shot with a laser. However the first was much worse, there was blistering and way more swelling - I stress this was my fault, I didn't follow the after care instructions.

Tattoo after q-switched laser session, pretty swolen and burned looking

*While typing this I thought "Maybe I should just buy a cold pack". But why do this when I have wine thing and a tea towel
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