Friday, 26 August 2016

PIcosure - One week on

One week on and I'm definitely convinced by the healing time. I've been rubbing bio oil in every day and have had no pain. After the session, it felt like sunburn but there has been nothing since. It think it has completely healed and I think it's already beginning to fade, though that could be optimism.

Picosure laser tatoo removal healing q-switched
I took that picture last night, I think it's 6 minutes off of being exactly 168 hours since the first picture I took post-picosure. It looks a little red but that because it's under an incandescent lamp. Rest assured, my skin is pasty white.

I think the ink looks a little lighter and is breaking up a bit more. There are still parts, particularly around the centre which are very dark, that's probably where the ink is thickest. I think once these start to visibly break down, the whole thing will look noticeably more faded.

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