Sunday, 14 August 2016

Session The Third

Third Laser Removal Session

It's 22nd March and I have a brainwave: "I should start a blog documenting my tattoo removal experience" - It only took my 5 months to actually start said blog. My third session is tomorrow, 23 March. I think at this point I was becoming disillusioned with the whole experience. I had expected far faster results - no one told me to expect faster, I just thought it would. I had been told early on that really you don't see anything noticeable until the fourth session, however I still expected more.

Black tattoo after two q-switched sessions

That's after two laser sessions and almost 3 months. You can see some of the top left of the hat is thinning and some of the outfit on the right. I think the upside down cross and the hands are a little too. When I started, I genuinely believed that it would be nearly gone by now, not just slightly faded. I had found a place in Dublin that had a Picosure laser. I was considering it but not convinced.

In this session, we upped the laser intensity, it hurt more. The technician said this would help break it down faster. I told him about my aftercare routine, he said "If it's working, keep doing it". He said due to the higher intensity, I would be more prone to blistering. I took this on board, went home, followed my routine, no blisters. It did hurt more and took longer to heal but was fine.

My next session was on the 4th of May - Live long and prosper.

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