Monday, 15 August 2016

The forth session - Nanu-Nanu

Forth Tattoo Removal Session

The 4th of May, my forth session and last to date (memory was I'd had five, but the dates don't add up). I remember this one as it was Battlestar Galactica day (I'm actually a Star Wars fan, I just hate that "joke"). I was excited about this one, this was hopefully going to make a big difference. I had also decided this would be my last before Italy. Six weeks later would be mid June, too close to holiday. Sun burn and hot arm tattoo laser burn are not meant to be a winning combination. I had now accepted that there was no chance of the tattoo being gone for my holiday. Regret at not starting last September really sank in... Here's a picture from 3rd of May:

Black ink tattoo after 3 q-swithced sessions

I got to the studio at my usual time. To my horror, I could hear the laser machine. Someone was in there before me! This had never happened before. I went in, we had a chat the technician was happy with the progress. He told me that after the next session was when we'd start spacing them out more. I was happy with this, explained my holiday, how easily my freckly skin burns etc etc.

He put the cool pack on, it wasn't very cool. Cold but not straight out fridge cold. I expect this is one of the differences between a tattoo studio and a laser clinic. We begin, he was very thorough, making sure to get every part of it. It hurt more than usual due to not being as cold as normal. I followed my usual aftercare routine but I had more blisters than normal. A part of me thinks this is because I was more careless than I had been, the other part of me thinks it was because the cold pack was more of a slightly below room temperature pack. I'll never know.

When leaving I tell him that I won't book now as it'll be a few months before my skin is back to normal after my holidays. I tell him I'll be back in July. I didn't know then that this was going to be my last session in that studio.

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