Friday, 4 August 2017

Happy Birthday Blog

One Year Anniversary of This Blog

I stared this blog a year ago. On Tuesday night I spent a little time going over the first posts. It was funny, the optimism, the pessimism, the questions, the lack of comments. I'm really happy I started this blog. I don't think I have any followers, no one has ever commented and it has less than 1,200 (and counting) views. I would not call this successful. However for me it's been like a diary. It's been really interesting to read back and see what I've learned.

I have also started another blog. Shaving FFS! Is this mid 30s? You undo anything that made you cool and spend your time typing about how you shave? I think even 35 year old me hates 36 year old me. I think 34 year old me hated the concept of blogging. 35 year old me thought maybe, just maybe I'd have a really popular blog on tattoo removal. 36 year old me wants to blog about whatever thing I can think of next. So, random, since the blog is a year old I thought I'd put some random notes that are there for me. Andy was here a few weeks ago. My current favourite song is "Just" by 'Bicep'. Brandon & Tash just moved to Ireland.

I am surprisingly tanned. I wrote earlier how I don't tan, then found out in July 2016 that I do if I wear factor 50 and avoid the sun. I have been doing that all summer and am somewhat tanned. As such I have pushed my next laser removal session out to end of October. This will allow the tan time to fade and prevent pigment damage. Along with the tan fading, the tattoo should also fade! I'm curious to see what that long a wait will have done to it. It will be nearly 6 months between sessions at that stage. Hopefully there's a significant fade between now and then.

Here's a photo I took today, to celebrate this blog turning 1.

A photo of a fading tattoo over 18 months of tattoo removal
04 Aug 2017
Amazingly, yet classically me, I didn't take a photo from when I started the blog. The comparison here is today's photo and one from 17 Aug 2016, which was on this post. It's less than a year, by 13 days. The left hand side is after 4 q-switched. The Right hand side is an additional 4 Picosure. I know the lighting isn't comparable, the angles are different etc. But I'd call that progress.

Photo comparing 4 q-switched and 4 picosure sessions
Aug 2016 & 2017

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