Monday, 17 July 2017

My Neck Got Bloody

2 Months Since My Forth Picosure

4 q-switched and 4 Picosure later

I have recently become disillusioned with the price of razor blades. I tried a cheap disposable from one of the German discounter retails, while I have gotten used to it, it just wasn't as good as my premium brand razor. I have decided to give safety razors a go. So far I am not impressed, though this is my technique, not the fault of the razor. I bought a cheap safety razor that came with 5 blades. This is meant to be temporary, if I decide I like this, I'll buy a good razor... then probably different blades, then creams / soaps / aftershaves / balms etc. Knowing me this will end up costly

I have used it twice so far. The fist was on Saturday (15 July) where I went out for dinner with my wife. I think I lost about 2 litres of blood shaving, not a good look when going out for dinner. I have just used it the second time. This time was better, but my neck looks like something from a Tom & Jerry / Itchy & Scratchy scene. I'd say there are about 10 blood spots. I'm worried that if I drink something, it will all spew out of my neck.  I estimate I've been shaving for between 21 and 25 years, this is me relearning how to shave, more challenging than one would think.

My neck post safety razor shave
My Neck Got Bloody
I guess I had a lot of practice with the disposable cartridges, I'm going to try this for a while and hope I get better at it. I remember learning to shave and always cutting myself. This will likely take time but I'll improve. Whether it's really worth my while or not is another matter entirely. I do know that I don't like spending ~ €2.50 per razor cartridge though.

Anyway, this blog is "My arm got hot" not "My neck got bloody" (perhaps my next blog?)*. I'm just over two months since the last Picosure session. Progress is still there but is still slow. I'm slowly starting to see some of the dark ink recede and become more 'speckley', a bit like my neck, only desirable. I have two more sessions left and I think it very unlikely that the tattoo will be completely gone at that stage.

Tattoo removal from Picosure laser
16 July 2017

That isn't taken from my usual place so the light is different, it is taken in sun light. Also taken in a supermarket car park which gives it a certain seedy quality that my other photos lack. I think the bright light makes it look a bit more faded than it actually is. Still, progress. I had assumed it would be totally gone by July 2016 (6 months of lasers), optimistic it would be gone by July 2017, hopeful it will be gone by July 2018. I'm due to have my next session on 11 August, I think that's too soon as this stage. I am going to push back to late September / early October. Time will allow my body to remove more of the ink allowing the laser to be more effective. While I don't think I can remove the tattoo in 2 more sessions, I think spacing the sessions out further is the only way I'm likely to have it removed in 2 sessions. I'll be interesting to see where we are in July 2018. Hopefully I'll at least be able to shave by then.

*Update 1 Aug: Since writing this post, I have decided that would be my My Neck Got Bloody next blog.
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