Friday, 11 August 2017

Where are We Now


Waiting between sessions

I was supposed to have a Picosure session today but I rescheduled. My last session was on 13 May, slightly under 3 months ago, I felt I was better waiting to see how it clears. It dawned on me that today was a good day to take a photo. I'll do the same on the day of my session in October and see the progress. I'll then have a good idea if waiting longer really is better. My own feeling is that it is, I think I've noticed quite a bit of fading in the last week!

Someone in work remarked that my tattoo was beginning to look a little faded, he then asked how old it was and assumed it was just ageing. While I wish it was more gone, I was happy the fading is being noticed. I think anyone that remembers how black it was will really think it has faded, anyone who doesn't know me well will not. Still though, little wins...

Tattoo Fading from Picosure Removal
11 Aug 2017
The photo isn't taken in my usual spot. It wasn't taken in direct sunlight and the weather was dull today. I think it's looking pretty faded. I know I shouldn't be, but I'm actually excited to compare this with how it looks on 26 Oct.  I might even do a montage of monthly photos!
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