Saturday, 21 January 2017

There is a Crack in Everything

It's been quite a week. A new president in the US! Apparently he wants to bring the country together while getting to power through a highly divisive campaign. It's impossible to know what the future holds there. Maybe he'll be an amazing president that unifies or maybe he'll be the opposite. Only time will tell. I take some solace that the other half of the electorate were probably genuinely terrified when Obama got in.

I think it's fair to say that the most important thing that happened over the last week was the healing of my arm from my laser tattoo removal session. Obviously a US presidential inauguration is a significant event in history but as yet, this has not had a direct impact on neither my arm nor my tattoo. As such, I can't say it has much relevance to this blog.

The healing is coming along well. There was very little swelling or pain from the last session so this is to be expected. I have had 4 q-switched sessions and 3 picosure sessions. The pain from the q-switched was so much greater and the healing time much longer. I would definitely recommend picosure over q-switched. So far there was only one picosure session that even comparable to the q-switched sessions.

I think I'm beginning to see some additional fading since last week. One week on is too early to tell, it's normally a few before there's any notable change. I had begun to notice it thinning last week so likely it's a continuation from that. At this moment, I'm feeling positive about the removal again. I'm still planning on leaving it until May / June before I get another session.

Tattoo fading one week after picosure session
21 January 2017

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