Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Next Day

Picosure Tattoo Removal Healing Time

It's now one day after my third Picosure session. Healing is going well. Still a little swollen, but just the ink. You can't see the swelling any more but can feel it if you touch the tattoo. All my bravado yesterday was misplaced, it reddened up after a while. It wasn't bad but the tattoo turned a kind of purple colour with red behind. It was still quite sensitive but I wouldn't describe as sore. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture!

24 hours after picosure laser tattoo removal
15 January 2017
The picture above shows now. It pretty much looks fine. The colour is a little off and a little swollen. It's still a bit sensitive but nothing to worry about. I'd nearly forget I had been shot with a laser yesterday. It does feel warmer than the rest of my skin to the touch. I think in a day or two it will feel normal again. So far, I'm still recommending Picosure for tattoo removal.
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