Saturday, 28 January 2017

Fade to Black

Injuries and Tattoo Removal

Last week I managed to burn myself cooking not once, not twice but thrice! Worse still they were all separate incidents on different dishes. This weekend, while up a tree sawing branches, I have managed to cut my hand on the saw. Not badly, just enough to be noticeable and annoying. I probably shouldn't be up a tree with a saw. I believe the people that do that for a living are trained and not careless... I'm also currently defrosting the freezer, I wonder how I can injure myself or damage that. As you can see, life in my mid-30s is pretty rock and roll.

It's now two weeks since my last (and third) picosure session. I'm pretty sure I'm fully healed and now we wait for fading. I really think I'm already seeing a difference in the last two weeks. I'm thinking that perhaps the pace of fading is starting to accelerate. I could be massively wrong about that. I remember being told that smokers take longer to fade, as the body is always trying to cleanse the tar and other chemicals. I'm wondering if my (slight) injuries could also be delaying the healing. Also curious if having colds etc. makes it take longer / does it fade faster in warmer temperatures.

Fading after 3 picosure sessions
28 January 2017

It's hard to notice but I genuinely think the more faded parts are getting clearer, I think there more skin tone coming through. I think some of the bigger dark patches are beginning to break down. There's the spot on the right hand side of the body which is the bit I'm keenest to see fade, that's when it will look really obvious. The hat is getting clear, still some dark patches but they're lightening. When I stretch my skin around the darker parts it does seem like the ink is beginning to separate.

I'm still going to leave it a few months before my next session but I think this is the first one, since I started that I've felt this positive about the removal process. We'll see how I feel in 2 months... 
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