Wednesday, 4 January 2017

1 Year, 4 q-switched and 2 picosure

One Year of Tattoo Removal:

Three Q-swtiched and 2 Picosure later

It's now sort of one year since my first q-switched session. I say sort of as the 6th was the first session, but it was a leap year, but it was a Wednesday. I decided 364 days constitutes a year. It's close enough. Don't take time advice from me. If you came here to find out how long a year is, you've come to the wrong place.

I really thought that the tattoo would be long gone by now. It has definitely faded a lot and continues to do so. I have my next session scheduled for 14 January. That will be just 3 months since my last, I know that waiting longer is better for fading but this whole process is quite stressful. People keep telling me that I should just get it covered. For me it was never that I didn't like that tattoo, it's that I don't like tattoos. Getting it covered just makes the problem worse.

Tattoo after one year, 4 q-switched and 2 picosure sessions
4 Jan 2017
Here's a small collage showing what I have from the last year. The first picture is 22 March, that was after 2 Q-switched sessions.

Collage showing tattoo after one year, 4 q-switched and 2 picosure sessions
1 Year Collage

The dates are 22 March, 26 June & 4 January. A pretty good indication of the progress over the year. After making the collage I realised that the dates show the middle was also after my last q-switched. The image shows 2 q-switched, 4 q-switched and 2 picosure.

I'm still of the opinion that picosure is worth it, the lower pain and faster healing alone makes me think that. I also think there's a bigger difference between June to January than there is between March to June. Though that is subjective and January is a total of 6 sessions where as June is 4.

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