Thursday, 25 May 2017

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12 Days After My Fourth Picosure

My last Picosure session was undoubtedly the most painful. The healing time was about a week, 7 days. I have had worse with q-switch but this was the most painful Picosure session I have had. I'm still hoping the higher intensity will lead to better clearing. The technician told me this would be a bad one and it's still better than q-switched. If I felt / was told that higher intensity was better results, I would be happy for him to go higher.

I've been extremely busy with real life lately so am cramming two posts into one.

Tattoo healing after Picosure
20 May 2017
I took this last week, one week after the session. You can still see a little bit of redness, though it is mostly gone, and the ink is still a bit swollen. I'm going by memory but I think it was still hot at this stage. Not very, but warmer than the rest of my skin.

Tattoo fading after Picosure
25 May 2017
That was take this morning. There actually looks to be some progression already but I think that's more to do with healing and my skin returning to normal. I think typically it's around 2 weeks before anything is noticeable.

The evenness / unevenness of the fading is still my pet peeve. If the darker bits would fade more quickly the whole tattoo would look so much more faded. I still don't think I could wear short sleeves if meeting customers / trying to sign a new customer. I think the darker ink on the hat is beginning to break down. If the darker ink on the body would do the same the impact would be significant.

For a reminder, when I started this process, I thought it would be about 4 months before the tattoo was nearly completely gone. How wrong I was. I'm now 17 months into it and it's still very noticeable. If you're reading this and contemplating removal, start now. My advice would be to try to find Picosure and start there but see what's available. If you're hoping your tattoo will be gone by a certain date, you'd want that date to be at least 18 months away. This is a slow process.

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