Monday, 15 May 2017

A Day

After My Fourth Picosure

It's now 2 days since my fourth Picosure session. My arm is still pretty swollen and quite sensitive. I know I said this was more painful than previous session but I'm surprised it's still so swollen. What I genuinely don't know is if higher intensity equals better results. I would have thought so but my previous session did not hurt at all and I was really happy with the results. Two days is too early to tell but I thought I noticed some pretty quick results after the previous session.

Swollen tattoo 24 hours after picosure
14 May 2017
Above was taken about 23 hours after the session. The swelling had reduced but you can still see it is swollen and red. The "frosting" on my skin that looks like pealing is aloe. Due to pain I've been putting a lot on.

Healing time after picosure session
15 May 2017
That was taken about 10 minutes ago, ~54 hours after being shot with a laser. It's still a little swollen and red. There's still some spot bleeding visible but it's healing. I didn't apply any aloe while in work today and I think today will be my last day of it from this session. The tattoo is still a bit hotter than the rest of my arm but nothing much. I expect tomorrow the swelling will have receded completely.

I'm pessimistic about this session, I don't know why. I think the higher intensity threw me. I didn't expect much from the previous session yet it had a significant impact but it targeted the darker deeper ink. he said it was the wider spot size. This one was a smaller, more intense spot. Hopefully I'm just being pessimistic and the additional pain will yield a better result.
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