Saturday, 13 May 2017

Session 8, PIcosure 4: The Quest for Pieces

Fourth Picosure Session

I had my fourth Picosure session about 6 hours ago. This one hurt. He told me he was going to up the intensity and he did. I'm not sure if this was the most painful (Picosure) or if the second one was worse. Either way, I'm in quite a bit of pain right now. He said that it was worth increasing the intensity this time as it would accelerate the removal process. The only reason I'm concerned is the last one he said lower intensity wider spot would be more effective. I'm assuming he knows what he's doing. I have always found the Picosure healing time to be faster than q-switched, I'm curious to see how long this takes to return to normal.

Tattoo before picosure laser removal session
13 May, 2017
The above was taken about 3 hours before the session with a shaven arm. The tattoo was fading quite nicely, most importantly, my arm didn't hurt back then. These were good times.

Swollen tattoo after laser removal
13 May, 2017
That was around 40 minutes after the session. The weird white stuff is just aloe vera gel. It's still quite swollen there and you can see some spot bleeding beginning, particularly around the base of the hat. I've been applying aloe a lot but a weird thing happened today. The aloe made my skin dry and any skin which touched it go horribly red. It made it more painful than normal. My theory on this was too much aloe. The technician applied quite a lot, then I applied some after I took that photo. I then applied more about an hour later and that's when the pain started. I washed it off an let it dry for a while.

My tattoo swollen and red after Picosure
13 May, 2016
 I took this one 2 hours ago, about 4 hours after the session. The weird aloe redness was gone at that stage so the red you can see is just from being shot with a laser. There's more spot bleeding visible, particularly the cross. I have applied more aloe since and it's beginning to recede. I'll update tomorrow with the progress after 24 hours.
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