Thursday, 2 November 2017

2 Become 1

One Week After Picosure

It's now a week after my fifth Picosure and ninth overall laser tattoo removal session. My last session was a double pass, basically two passes of the laser. The healing time has gone quickly but slower than I thought / hoped. I think the pain had gone by Sunday but I had hoped the swelling would be completely gone by Monday, it was not.

Tattoo healing after picosure
30 Oct 2017
The above shows that there is still some swelling and some reddening. It's slight but it's there. If you look around the edges, particularly the top of the hat, you can see some bruising. It was mild but it exists. This is the first time I have gotten bruising from Picosure. I got it every time with q-switched. To me that's still +1 Picosure. I took another picture tonight as it's now 168 hours since the session. Since then I have slept (not enough) many times, consumed booze quite a few, cycled a decent bit and eaten several meals. The healing is coming on nicely but it still has a ways to go.

Picosure tattoo removal healing time
2 Nov 2017
I really need to stop taking comparable photos in different light. I blame Ireland and it's perilously dark evenings at this time of year. The healing is coming along nicely buy it's still not fully healed. It still looks darker than it did before the last session. There is still some redness, again around the hat. It still feels a little raised above my skin. This time next week I expect it to look and feel normal again. Curious how long it will be before I start to see fading. Memory is there's normally quite a bit by the sixth week and then it slows. It will continue to fade after that but I think sixth week is the main point. Obviously with this one, the double pass, I'm hoping it will be significant.
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