Thursday, 12 October 2017

Living Dead Girl

Coming up to Hallowe'en, I always get excited by it, even though I'm passed my trick or treating prime. I think I'm actually passed the point I care. I like the idea of Hallowe'en but I just see it as winter coming, weather colding, evenings darking, etc. I'm really getting miserable in my old age. I was trying to come up with a Hallowe'en related title for this and I'm sad to admit, the first thing I thought of was Sneaky Bat Machine. Ah, I miss the bad music I liked when I was younger. All I do now is work.

I had meant to take a photo today showing the fading over the last 3 months, I was supposed to have a session 3 months ago. I was so busy in work this week (I've worked 10 days straight) that I haven't had an opportunity. I took a photo this evening but it was dark out and it's under CFL opposed to sunlight.

Tattoo fading 5 months fter Picosure session
11 Oct 2017
I can't tell how much it has faded over the last 3 months, it is fading. Because of the different light in the most recent photo it's hard to tell. I think there is more skin colour visible in the most recent but that could be the light. Here's my thinking! My body has had more time to remove the ink than I would normally give it. I'm hoping the next session will break down more ink as the smaller particles have been removed. However I have realised that I basically have no idea what influences tattoo removal.

Three months of fading after picosure session
11 Aug / Sept / Oct 2017

My next session is in 2 weeks. I'm going to ask him when I should get the next. I've waited 5 months between sessions now. I believe longer is better. I'm curious if the extra months will have helped. Last March I told my niece I expected it to be gone by this coming March. Now I'm not so sure. I have two more paid sessions. Hopefully after them it will just be a matter of waiting. Time will tell...
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